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Welcome to Broken Bytes. This is a blog of opinion and criticism about Linux and the movement of free software mainly focused on the average desktop user experience.

Recently, the developer community and Linux users have promote the use of Linux with the aim of cheaper costs, improve the user experience, stop using Windows or OSX operating systems or simply to users use an operating system, applications and formats created with open source software. Despite the fact that intentions are good, many users fail to promote the idea due to a wrong approach; many users incite their families and friends to use open software and open formats only to promote free software movement and not to improve the use of computer experience. On the other hand, deficiencies and problems of Linux’sdistributions in design, structure and organization, together with the lack of cooperation in the different projects, created an unnecessary complicated platform for use, work and design compared with the competition.

Hello, my name is BrokenByte (of curse, is an alias). I’m a student of computer science and I used to be a Linux’s user.  I live in Puebla, México. My native language is Spanish. Although I read many articles in English, I write this blog in English to learn the language, so I’m sorry if my grammar is not the best.

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